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Sparxce Spark Plates temporarily adhere to any boot or shoe. Crafted with 99.6% pure, high quality titanium, your spark trail will glow bright white when dragged across the pavement. Simply remove and reapply when desired, leaving no damage or permanent modifications to your shoes!


Pair (set of 2) spark plates

2 Pairs (set of 4) mounting tacks

For offroad use only - Not intended for use on public roadway

Dimensions: 1.75in diameter


  • Apply tape with heat
  • Place spark plate in desired location on shoe (counterbore side exposed)
  • Fully press mounting tacks through counterbore holes and into shoe soles (Pressing with screwdriver works best)
  • Ensure head of tack sits flush with spark plate’s surface
  • Inspect wear before each use


Sparxce LLC. Expects their customers to exercise good judgement as to the proper selection, installation, use, and maintenance of this product. Sparxce LLC. Assumes no responsibility for any property damage, injury of any kind, or legal ramifications occurring from the use, misuse, improper application, or failure of any component of this product in any way by any person. Sparxce LLC. Shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages whatsoever